One-to-One Tuition

The Children’s Club provides top notch tutoring in a variety of subjects ranging from Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 as well as Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

We offer both private and small group sessions, so you can choose exactly the tutoring style your child desires.
We’re distinguished by the high level of service and support we provide to your child’s educational needs, having a deep knowledge on all subjects, a unique method of teaching, and most importantly, getting the best out of your child’s learning.

You can book 1h-slot tuition in the subject/s required and the frequency that best suits your child’s learning needs. Before we assign a tutor to a student, we arrange for a thoruogh assessment and an interview with both the student and the parent/guardian. After this initial meeting, a plan and schedule are send to the family for approval. If you agree and there ar eno chages needed, we can then book the first session. The assessment and initial meeting last up to 1h (depending on the age of the student) and it is free.

We are now able to offer our tuition online having updated our policies and re-trained all our staff on on-line safety for students and tutors. Contact us if you would like more information on how it works and on the security measures we have. Email us at